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The obvious and underlying consequences of distracted driving

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2023 | Distracted Driving |

Given the amount of attention distracted driving receives, many Georgia drivers are undoubtedly aware of the risks involved. The most referenced problems during distracted driving awareness campaigns are auto accidents, injuries and fatalities. As worrisome as these outcomes are, there are other risks that distracted driving poses to drivers and their employers.

Calculating the full cost of a distracted driving crash

Using a cellphone, checking navigation apps, changing the radio, eating or interacting with passengers can cause distraction. When distraction occurs, drivers might rear-end vehicles in front of them, drive off the road, have head-on collisions and hit pedestrians.

Statistically, one in four auto accidents are believed to happen because of distraction. In accidents that result in fatalities, distraction is believed to have played a role in 8 percent of them. Employers who are lax about ensuring their drivers know and understand policies against distracted driving can be confronted with a significant financial burden.

There is a litany of costs associated with distracted driving. Missed workdays are expensive for a business. Additionally, there might be a workers’ compensation claim. Property damage can necessitate major repairs or the need to purchase a new vehicle. Insurance costs are likely to increase. Cargo that was to be delivered at the time of the accident may have been destroyed or left unusable.

Employers should educate drivers about the dangers of distracted driving

Government entities, law enforcement and safety advocates have long been trying to emphasize how distracted driving is risky. Despite that, drivers continue to take part in distracting activities and put themselves, others on the road and their employers in jeopardy. Employers are wise to remember the extended costs and take a harder line against distraction behind the wheel.