Trial-Tested And Ready To Take Your Case

Trial-Tested And Ready To Take Your Case

Trial-Tested And Ready To Take Your Case

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A DUI Arrest Can Be Life-Changing. You Don’t Have To Face Your Charges Alone.

The stakes are high when you’re facing charges related to drunk driving. Thankfully, the help of an experienced lawyer can make a major difference in your case. Throughout Georgia, the choice for representation is clear: Sam Dennis Law.

Attorney Sam Dennis has an in-depth understanding of Georgia DUI law. He teaches classes for other lawyers who want to learn how to win DUI cases. He’s one of the few lawyers in the Southeast who has advanced training in DUI standardized field sobriety testing.

“That means I’ve been to the same training school as the cops,” says Sam. “Most of the time, I have the same training — or more advanced training — than the officer who arrested you.”

A Lawyer Who Doesn’t Back Down

Prosecutors know that Sam Dennis is going to work on a DUI case harder than any lawyer out there. Why? Because taking someone’s liberty is the most serious thing you can do to a person. Sam expects the government to adhere to basic rules of fairness. He insists that prosecutors do more than simply suggest that a person has done something wrong.

If the state’s case isn’t ironclad, Sam finds the cracks. There are literally hundreds of issues that prosecutors must prove in order to convict a person of DUI. Sam assails the case from every angle to maximize your chances of a successful outcome.

“I insist that the state adheres to its burden of proof, and if it doesn’t, I win.”

Don’t Wait To Seek Legal Help – Contact The Firm Today

When you need an experienced criminal law attorney in Lowndes County after a drunk driving arrest, contact Sam Dennis Law in Valdosta, Georgia.

To schedule a free initial consultation about your criminal matter, call 229-244-4428 or reach out online.