Trial-Tested And Ready To Take Your Case

Trial-Tested And Ready To Take Your Case

Trial-Tested And Ready To Take Your Case

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When You Are Injured, You Deserve Just Compensation

If you were injured in a serious accident caused by the negligence of another person, business or organization, you need and deserve compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, property damage and other losses.

In most cases, that money will be coming from the insurance company of the at-fault party. Unfortunately, you can’t expect insurers to do the right thing on their own, which is why you need an experienced attorney in your corner. In Georgia and beyond, you can find such an attorney at Sam Dennis Law.

Challenge Insurance Companies With A Proven Valdosta Injury Attorney By Your Side

Insurance companies do not care about you; they care about money. They deny and reduce legitimate claims to beef up their bottom line. As an experienced personal injury attorney, Sam Dennis knows their games and can force them to stop stalling and pay a fair claim.

For nearly 30 years, Sam has sued insurance companies on behalf of injured victims, securing millions of dollars that insurance companies didn’t want to pay. He doesn’t just accept what the insurance companies offer. He’s not going to settle your case for a cheap payout. Instead, he thoroughly investigates your case, the facts, the circumstances and your individual situation. Then he fights the insurance company for a fair result.

Fighting For Compensation For Your Injuries

Attorney Dennis has a strong track record of success, both in and out of the courtroom. His firm regularly helps clients pursue compensation for claims involving:

The reason Sam Dennis wins road wreck cases is because of exhaustive case preparation and superior courtroom skills. When Sam prepares your case for trial, the insurance companies can’t take your case lightly. He forces a fair evaluation of your case, based on the facts. He focuses on every question a jury might have and proves your case according to the law.

In the courtroom, Sam has earned a reputation as a fierce advocate. His personal demeanor and sharp wit, combined with an in-depth understanding of law, make him one of the most sought-after personal injury lawyers in the state.

Why Should I File A Personal Injury Claim?

A serious injury can have long-term effects on an individual’s personal and financial circumstances. When the injury was caused by the negligence of another party, it can feel unjust.

A personal injury claim not only allows the affected party to pursue financial compensation, but it also means they can seek some form of justice. Here are some key reasons to file a personal injury claim:

Recovering Financial Losses

Medical treatment can be expensive, even for those with comprehensive insurance coverage. A personal injury claim puts the burden of those expenses on the party that caused the accident. With a successful claim, you can be reimbursed for the treatment associated with your injuries.

Replacing Lost Income

Damages in a personal injury claim also take lost wages into account. If your injury has resulted in you having to take considerable time off of work, personal injury compensation can cover your ‘out-of-pocket’ expenses.

Addressing Pain And Suffering

Medical expenses are only one aspect of the costs associated with injuries. Victims can have substantial pain and suffering and long-term symptoms that are noneconomic. You may be awarded damages for pain and suffering when the injury leaves you with chronic pain, permanent injuries and emotional distress or you have a significant loss of enjoyment in life, among other situations.

Finally, while compensation after an injury can right some financial wrongs, there is also an element of justice involved in a personal injury claim. Obliging the responsible parties to pay fair compensation after an injury that they caused ensures their accountability. Ideally, this will prevent them from acting negligently in the future and hurting other people through the same foolish mistakes.

If defendants and their insurance companies were always fair, there would not be much need for personal injury claims – but they are not. That’s why you need an experienced personal injury attorney on your side.

A Nationwide Truck Accident Litigation Practice

Sam Dennis Law is especially well-known for truck accident litigation, and the firm represents clients across the country who were seriously injured or lost a loved one to a negligent truck driver.

In addition to 18-wheeler accidents, Sam also investigates and litigates claims involving tankers, logging trucks, delivery trucks and other large commercial vehicles. As mentioned above, insurance companies fight to protect their bottom line, and will fight especially hard when the accident involved a vehicle with a high-value commercial insurance policy.

The stakes are very high for both sides in tractor-trailer accident lawsuit. Insurers have lawyers protecting their interests. You need an equally talented and experienced lawyer protecting yours.

His success is no accident. Even before becoming a lawyer, Sam investigated road wrecks for law firms, gathering facts and evidence to prove the fault of unsafe drivers and help injured people. In law school, he clerked for lawyers who focused on road wreck cases. As a lawyer, he’s won case after case because of his comprehensive command of the entire system. He truly understands every detail, from the point of impact to collecting a fair settlement from a reluctant insurance company.

Trust Your Case To An Attorney Who Cares About You

As a client of Sam Dennis Law, you will never be just a case number. Sam takes the time to get to know each client, to hear their story and to help them recover from the accident, legally and otherwise. No matter what time of day or night you contact the firm, Sam and his team strive to be available when you need them.

To discuss your legal options, contact the firm to schedule a free initial consultation. You can reach out online or call 229-244-4428.