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Aggressive Legal Advocacy For Victims Of Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Crashes involving semi trucks are responsible for thousands of deaths annually – with most victims being occupants of smaller vehicles. But big rigs are not the only hazardous commercial vehicles on the road.

If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries in a commercial vehicle accident, Sam Dennis Law can help pursue full and fair compensation for your injuries and losses. Sam Dennis brings nearly 30 years of legal experience to each case, as well as access to a wide network of legal colleagues and other professionals. He is ready to fight for you and your family.

Dangerous Commercial Vehicles Take Many Forms

18-wheelers are what most people think of when they hear about trucking accidents or commercial vehicle crashes. However, commercial vehicle accident litigation can also encompass:

Delivery vehicles:

Drivers making local deliveries in box trucks, cargo vans and smaller vehicles used for food deliveries. These drivers often have to meet unreasonably tight delivery deadlines, prompting them to speed and drive aggressively.

Public transportation:

It is all too common for drivers to be seriously injured or killed in a collision with a city bus, a motor coach, party bus or limousine. Drivers of these vehicles are often distracted by noisy and unruly passengers.

Logging trucks and other specialty haulers:

These are designed similarly to standard tractor-trailers, but they often carry much more dangerous cargo that isn’t enclosed by a trailer. The size, weight and placement of the loads create additional hazards that can make accidents more likely and more severe.

Municipal vehicles:

While they are not “commercial” in nature, large municipal vehicles can be just as dangerous. These include garbage and recycling trucks, firetrucks, ambulances, police cars and street sweepers.

Construction vehicles:

It is common to encounter dump trucks, cement mixers and similar vehicles traveling near construction or road construction sites. They are often slow-moving and have large blind spots.

No matter what kind of vehicle was involved in your accident, Sam is ready to investigate the crash and help you understand your legal options.

What Happens If A Company Vehicle Hits You?

If a company vehicle hits you, then you may be able to collect damages for your injuries, property losses and other economic damages. You may also be entitled to noneconomic damages for your pain and suffering, and emotional distress, and other intangible losses. By talking with a Valdosta commercial truck accident attorney at Sam Dennis Law, you can learn more about what kind of damages you may be entitled to claim.

How Do You Identify A Company Vehicle?

A car, van or truck may be considered a company vehicle if its main use is for a business. These vehicles are typically operated by employees tasked with transporting goods, materials, equipment, services and passengers – including hazardous materials that may prove unique dangers to accident victims.

These vehicles can often (but not always) be identified by branding and logos advertising the business’s services. They are generally titled to and insured by the company, not an individual driver.

Why Would An Employer Be Liable For Your Injuries?

While many people assume that employees are entirely at fault for roadway accidents, that is not always true. Employers are generally considered responsible for their employees’ actions while those employees are on the clock, including when they are driving a company vehicle.

You can reach out to a Valdosta tractor-trailer accident lawyer to learn who may be held liable for your injuries.

What Is The Process Of Going Against The American Trucking Associations (ATA)?

The American Trucking Association (ATA) is an organization that represents members of the trucking industry. An accident involving the ATA trucking association often leads to high-stakes battles. Our lawyer at Sam Dennis Law can help you develop a legal strategy to pursue damages from the ATA and protect your interests.

How Are Commercial Vehicle Accidents Different From Other Accidents?

Commercial trucking accidents often have higher mortality rates and cause more severe injuries because of the sheer size and weight of the vehicles involved.

Determining Liability After A Commercial Vehicle Accident

You were struck by a commercial vehicle and the other driver was clearly at fault. That’s not the end of the investigation, however. If the commercial driver was driving as an employee for a business at the time of the crash, chances are good that their employer is also vicariously liable.

Under Georgia’s principle of “respondeat superior,” businesses can be held legally liable for injuries and other damages caused by their employees while on the clock. Vicarious liability applies primarily to workers considered employees and often does not extend to independent contractors. Many large corporations classify most or all of their workers as contractors, in part, to avoid this liability.

However, classification alone doesn’t always absolve the employers of responsibility. There are many circumstances in which a company may still be held liable even if their worker was called something other than an employee.

Discuss Your Legal Options With A Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney Today

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