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Trial-Tested And Ready To Take Your Case

Trial-Tested And Ready To Take Your Case

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A Dedicated Law Firm Pursuing Claims For Recreational Vehicle Accidents

An ATV accident is often serious, carrying with it the risk of severe injury or death. Over the years, lawyer Sam Dennis in Valdosta, Georgia, has battled insurance companies for his clients’ rights to compensation for recreational accident injuries. When you contact Sam Dennis Law, he can fight for you, too.

Recreational Vehicles Often Have Hidden Risks

Recreational vehicles such as ATVs, quads and side-by-sides are fun to drive and contribute to many fun times with family members and friends, but they have a dangerous side, too. They carry a high risk of flipping and rollovers and lack stability on uneven driving surfaces. Accidents where riders are pinned by their ATVs are frequent. In addition, they have the speed of a car but lack the size and protective metal structure that a car has.

Common recreational vehicle injuries include:

  • Brain and spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Various internal injuries

Riders who do not wear helmets and protective gear when they ride risk an even higher chance of severe injury and even death.

After An Accident, Victims Need Help With Injury Expenses

Treatment of severe injuries and continuing rehabilitation can cost a tremendous amount of money. There are also expenses related to the injured person’s way of life and their mental and emotional stability. If you lose a loved one as a result of a recreational vehicle accident, the cost is the loss of their love and companionship. Sam Dennis is an attorney who will not accept less than what his clients need and deserve.

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Sam Dennis Law is based in Valdosta and the firm serves clients throughout Georgia. Attorney Dennis and his team will crusade for your rights and be your formidable advocate in the face of insurance company disregard.

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