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How drivers’ failure to yield to motorcycles can lead to tragedy

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2023 | Car Accidents |

It’s a basic traffic rule: before making a left turn from a two-way street, you must yield to oncoming traffic. This is to avoid crashing and causing serious injury.

Unfortunately, drivers are not always as conscientious about yielding to motorcycles as they are for larger, four-wheeled vehicles. When a motorist in Valdosta fails to spot a motorcycle coming at them or tries to beat a rider through the intersection, the resulting collision almost always injures the rider the most. The violent force generated by the much larger truck, SUV or car, plus the relative lack of protection a rider has, often translates into fatal or disabling injuries.

Actor killed in motorcycle accident by turning SUV driver

The death of actor Treat Williams provides a sad example of what can happen. According to news reports, Williams was riding a motorcycle past the entrance to a parking lot when he was struck by an SUV. Police believe the SUV driver was trying to turn left into the lot and apparently failed to yield to Williams.

The impact threw Williams off his motorcycle. He was later declared dead after being airlifted to the hospital. He was 71.

Negligence is often the cause

While it’s too soon to say who was at fault for this incident, left-turn motorcycle accidents like this are often due to carelessness or recklessness from the turning driver. They might be distracted by their phone and not paying sufficient attention to the road. They might misjudge the approaching rider’s distance and speed. Whatever the reason, by turning into a motorcycle’s path, they are putting the rider in grave danger. Such behavior should mean they are responsible for the financial costs associated with their vicitms’ injuries.