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The importance of side guards on 18-wheelers

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Georgia is among the top five states for trucking accidents. This type of accident is often fatal because of the vast size and weight difference between semi-trucks and regular cars. Side guards are one way that Georgia truck drivers could reduce the fatality of accidents.

Underride accidents

One of the dangers of truck accidents is someone’s car traveling underneath the 18-wheeler. Underride guards would help prevent this from happening. Cars sliding under an 18-wheeler commonly result in fatalities. The federal government mandates underride guards only on the rear of semi-trucks. Still, research indicates that they would also assist in reducing fatalities on the sides and front of the trucks. Some legislators and trucking companies want to see more research confirming that it is effective to add underride guards to the sides and fronts of trucks before mandating this.

Factors in question

Those who oppose underride guards to the sides and front of semi-trucks cite concerns about indirectly increasing the number of accidents. The added weight of the side guards could require multiple trips to transport the same cargo, which might increase the number of accidents due to more time spent on the road to transport the same load. Some people, however, may still see the underride guards as worth doing because it reduces the risk of fatalities. Opponents also want to see more real-world testing before mandating an expensive measure. Real-world testing would involve highway speeds and impacts at more angles.

There is still debate about whether underride guards for the sides and front of 18-wheelers are an effective way of improving safety on the road. While it may reduce fatalities, it could cause more time spent driving to transport loads in more than one trip.