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The basic causes of truck accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Truck accidents happen far too often on Georgia highways. Sometimes, they happen due to multiple causes and the behavior of several drivers, but sometimes, they are also caused directly by the truck driver. The fact that truck drivers generally drive long shifts and do not always get proper rest contributes significantly to some of those causes, and they can range from drowsy driving to exceeding speed limits.

Mechanical failure

One of the most common reasons for trucking accidents is mechanical failure. Even when a truck is serviced on schedule as required, there can still be undetected wear and tear on certain mechanical parts such as brakes that can fail at any time. Mechanical failure is a factor in almost one-third of all truck crashes across the nation annually.

Shifted and overweight cargo

Another issue with many 18-wheelers is shifted loads. This can happen on flatbeds when anchoring equipment is not situated properly, but it can also happen when shipment contractors do not load closed shipping containers in a balanced fashion. This can result in tip-over accidents. Cargo is also sometimes overloaded at the point of origin and exceeds maximum weight limits.

Driver error

While professional truck drivers are considered the best-trained drivers on the road, they can still make mistakes. Distracted and drowsy driving are the primary reasons that driver error happens, but many times, accidents occur at a high rate of speed as well. Overwork can also contribute to this issue as many trucking companies schedule drivers for maximum daily driving hours and monthly work shifts.

Truck accidents often result from bad driving decisions by other motorists. Big-rig trucks generally lack maneuvering capability in close quarters, and truck drivers often cannot get out of the way. They can often be complicated cases that are difficult to unravel when going to court.