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Teen truckers may soon take to the roads

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Laws and rules are subject to amendments and revisions, including regulations related to the trucking industry. Age requirements exist as a safety measure, and traditionally only those who are at least 21 years of age may drive long-haul commercial trucks. A new pilot program may lead to the age range dropping to 18, which could afford young persons exceptional career opportunities. Not everyone feels enthused about the pilot program, as concerns about safety on Georgia roads leave some skeptical.

Trucking rules and new infrastructure legislation

President Joe Biden signed infrastructure legislation into law, and the text reveals how essential truckers are to the economy. Billions of dollars in goods move across the country, and their pickup and delivery are critical to the economy. Unfortunately, a labor shortage occurred that reduced the number of available truckers. The pilot program in the legislation would lower the age requirement to 18 for certain drivers, and these younger persons could fill available jobs.

Worries about the 2022 supply chain crisis may drive some decisions. That said, some government regulators have wanted to lower the age requirement for some time now. Time will reveal whether concerns about driver safety prove valid.

Teen drivers and risks

While government officials and business community leaders want to see more truckers on the road, no one wants to see truck accidents happen. Statistics about teen drivers may worry some since young drivers are more likely to get into a collision than older and more experienced drivers.

Young drivers might commit moving violations due to impatience or a lack of understanding about how dangerous such behaviors are. A young person might become too enamored with things that cause distractions, such as an advanced entertainment system and its related touchscreen. Such actions could be negligent ones, opening doors to lawsuits.