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How to stay safe while sharing the road with a truck

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Huge commercial trucks travel across Georgia’s roads regularly, so it’s important to learn how to share the road. These tips can help you stay safe while driving around them.

Give plenty of space

Regular passenger cars require a full car’s length of space on the road. Trucks need even more than that. Make sure to travel at a far enough distance behind a truck as it takes huge trucks longer to stop. If a truck is following too closely behind you, switch lanes when it’s safe.

Avoid blind spots

Commercial trucks have blind spots that make it difficult or even impossible for the driver to see you. As a general rule, if you are unable to see the truck’s mirror, the driver won’t be able to see you either. You should remain visible to the trucker at all times.

Always be careful when passing a truck

You should always only pass a truck from the left, and be sure to give enough space to be seen by the driver. Never cut off a truck as it can result in a terrible crash and serious injuries or even death.

Be aware of the truck’s size

Always remember that commercial trucks are massive in size and weight. They often carry cargo that could be dangerous, such as hazardous chemicals that could be combustible if an accident occurs. Stay in your lane while sharing the road with a truck and keep in mind that trucks make wide turns.

Be alert at all times

Be alert at all times when sharing the road with a truck. Remember that truck drivers work long hours and often don’t stop for breaks, which means they could be fatigued while driving. If you are on the alert when sharing the road with a truck, it can keep you safer and quicker to react to any potential scenario.

Truck drivers have a responsibility to travel safely, but it’s important for you to stay vigilant as well. These tips can keep you safer when sharing the road with semi-trucks.