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Things that you shouldn’t do after a car wreck

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | Car Accidents |

There are few occurrences in life that can cause apprehension like an auto accident. They shake everyone up even when they are not seriously injured, and they are watershed moment’s in the life of the victims. For many motorists, it is actually the end, as fatalities are far too common in open road crashes in Georgia. Everyone is typically out of sorts mentally right after the fact, but it is very important to keep your composure as much as possible. What actually happens at the scene and the competing versions of events can complicate a case significantly when a claim goes to court. Those who are still mobile make some prudent decisions, and already having an idea of what you should do if an accident occurs is a good practice for all drivers.

Do not leave the scene

The first rule of a motor vehicle accident response is not leaving the scene. While leaving is actually a criminal act, many people do it when they are frightened of what will ultimately transpire.

Do not wait to call 911

The first step to take following a motor vehicle accident is calling 911. Regardless of whether the accident is serious or just a fender-bender, there are policies regarding physical property damage reporting even when there are no injuries.

Do not fail to take photos

Photographs can be excellent evidence in court, especially when there is a claim by the defendant of shared fault. Georgia is a fault state for auto accidents, and insurance companies often argue regarding the level of fault when they think they can reduce a claim value.

The most important action drivers should not take following a collision is admit fault to anyone at the scene. In fact, only talk to other drivers minimally unless exchanging insurance information.