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Debunking common myths about car accident claims

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Many Georgia residents who receive minor to moderate injuries in an auto accident do not pursue financial damages for their physical suffering. While most understand they could be eligible for insurance payments, they do not do so due to certain myths associated with auto accidents. This even applies to injured parties who were not driving in the mishap. While it is true that Georgia uses a comparative negligence law regarding drivers being financially compensated following an accident, passengers are rarely ever assessed for their personal contribution in causing the injury. And, there are a few others myths associated with auto accident injury claims.

My injury is not severe enough

While not all injuries resulting from car accidents are severe, coverage for medical bills and lost wages is still an important issue. Additionally, injuries that are seemingly minor can also manifest later into a worse situation. Always seek medical treatment following an accident, and then contact an attorney.

The accident was my fault

Fault does not necessarily nullify eligibility for financial recovery following an accident in Georgia. Drivers who have a comparative negligence percentage of 50% or less can still receive discounted damages. This also means a 50-50 shared fault accident is claimable for both drivers.

An attorney is too expensive

This is an absolute myth for the most part, and many who retain an attorney instead of taking what the respondent insurance company offers end up with a significantly larger settlement. Injuries stemming from car accidents can be much more valuable than the novice injured victim realizes, and many times whole compensation is available in the form of general damages for long-term impact.