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Georgia license laws keep teen drivers safe

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Georgia has a graduated driver’s license program established by the state’s Teenage & Adult Driver Responsibility Act. Teens can begin the process at 15 and receive three years of intense instruction and slowly increased responsibilities. 

If you have a high school student who will soon become a teen driver, learn more about TADRA regulations in Georgia. 

Instructional permit 

Teens can receive this permit at age 15 after passing a written driving laws test and a vision test. A parent or guardian must sign the application for an instructional permit. Applicants must provide identity and school enrollment documents along with a $10 fee. With an instructional permit, the teen can operate a motor vehicle when accompanied only by a responsible licensed driver age 21 or older. 

Provisional driver’s license 

A teen can earn this Class D license when he or she: 

  • Reaches age 16 
  • Has an instructional permit for at least 366 days 
  • Passes a Georgia road test 
  • Provides proof of at least 40 hours of completed driving practice including six hours of practice after dark 

The driver holds a provisional license until age 18. Georgia law prohibits these drivers from operating a motor vehicle between midnight and 5 a.m. During the first six months of the license period, he or she may drive only with members of the immediate family. In the next six months, the law limits passengers to one nonfamily member younger than 21. After one year, the driver can have up to three nonfamily passengers younger than 21. 

Full driver’s license 

At age 18, a driver who successfully completes the provisional license period will receive a full Class C license. In fact, he or she can even upgrade their documents online. 

A disproportionate number of auto accidents that cause serious injury or fatality involve teen drivers. Help your child become a safe driver by reminding him or her about the rules of the graduated license.