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Hazards to be mindful of this summer

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Car Accidents |

The summer months are an ideal time to head out to the beach, an amusement park or other attractions in Georgia. However, the summer months may also present unique travel hazards. If you have teenage drivers at home, you must talk to them about these hazards as they may not have experienced them before.

Traffic goes up

Your risk of an accident increases when more cars are on the road. This is because there are more chances to be bumped by a driver on a cellphone or to collide with a vehicle making an improper lane change. Regardless of how busy a road or highway may be, your risk of an accident may also increase if you are on your phone or are otherwise distracted. Therefore, be sure to put the phone away and to refrain from doing anything that might take your focus off a congested highway.

Watch out for motorcycles

Motorcyclists tend to come out in droves during the warmer seasons. It’s important to be extra cautious around motorcycles because they don’t offer the same protections that cars or trucks do. Therefore, riders will take the brunt of any collision between themselves and passenger vehicles.

Be aware of pedestrians

You will likely see more people biking, jogging or walking this time of year. Ideally, you will take a few seconds to scan for pedestrian traffic before going through an intersection or making a turn to avoid a motor vehicle accident resulting in significant injuries or death. It’s also a good idea to look for pedestrians before opening your door so you don’t strike anyone.

A motor vehicle accident may cause significant injuries and property loss. However, it may be possible to obtain compensation from the defendant to cover the cost of repairing your car or obtaining medical treatment. This may be true if the defendant was negligent in allowing a crash to happen.