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Improper cargo loading is dangerous

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2023 | Car Accidents, Truck Accidents |

Truck driving safety extends to responsibilities beyond how the driver acts behind the wheel. All parties involved with the operation of a tractor-trailer share a duty to protect others from harm. These tasks include ensuring that a truck is not overloaded with cargo when traveling down a Georgia road. Overloaded and poorly secured cargo presents dangers that may result in fatal collisions.

Cargo problems in a semi-truck

Several reasons may underlie why a semi-truck has excess or poorly secured cargo inside it. Perhaps the trucking company wanted to reduce the number of transport jobs and puts too much cargo inside the trailer. Rushing to get the truck on the road may also lead to cutting corners when securing the load. The people securing the cargo may not know what they were doing. Either way, the shipment might now present risks to safety. For example, if the truck carries too much weight, the brakes might not work as effectively. Tires could become prone to blowouts, as well.

With improperly secured cargo, items may move around in the truck as it travels. Since the load is not secure, the weight inside the tractor-trailer might shift. Shifting weight could make it harder for the driver to keep the semi-truck under control since it may cause steering issues. When the driver wants to brake or turn, shifting weight inside the trailer may cause the truck to sway, increasing the risks of jackknifes or rollovers.

Deadly accidents

Truck accidents may result in crashes that involve several vehicles and could hurt many people. Considering a tractor-trailer’s weight, the rollover could crush even larger vehicles. Wrongful death lawsuits may follow.

Loose cargo could fall off the truck, hitting other vehicles. Heavy cargo falling out of a trailer traveling at high speeds might cause catastrophic injuries upon hitting a car. Cargo strewn on the road may cause accidents, too.

Anyone hurt by a truck driver or a trucking company’s negligence could take legal action. Often, accident victims will file an insurance claim to recover compensation.