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Distracted driving tips for Georgia drivers

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2023 | Distracted Driving |

Georgia drivers probably all know the dangers of texting and driving. It’s the most common form of distracted driving and causes numerous accidents year after year.

Drivers might not text and drive, but they can still get distracted. This is the reason that distracted driving kills around 3,000 people per year — but becoming more informed can help drivers stay safe.

Daydreaming and conversations

Some drivers have spent their entire lives behind the wheel. As a result, it’s pretty easy to go into autopilot. While it seems harmless, this can be incredibly dangerous.

Daydreaming or getting lost in your head is considered distracted driving. Another risk for distracted driving is conversations with other people in the car.

Conversation can be great and make time go by quicker, but it also takes up a surprising amount of brain power that needs to be used for driving. Most drivers won’t have a problem with this, but a serious or intense conversation can become a problem.

Other items in the car

It’s a very popular TV trope for a driver to drop something and then have to take their hand off the wheel in order to grab it. Experienced drivers may scoff at the idea of that ever happening to them, but it’s more realistic than you think.

Things, like eating in the car or dropping something by your feet and needing to move it, can be considered distracted driving since it takes your hand off the wheel. There are also times when your hands might involuntarily leave the steering wheel.

Taking your eyes off the road

It sounds cliché, but many distracted driving accidents happen because a driver got distracted looking at something. This could be something in the car or something outside of the car – even turning your head around to look at another accident could cause you to get into an accident yourself.

It’s easier than drivers might think to become distracted while behind the wheel. Being able to recognize distractions can help drivers stay safe on the roads.