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Teens and distracting driving risks

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2023 | Car Accidents, Distracted Driving |

A few points are worth mentioning when discussing instances of distracted driving among Georgia travelers. Namely, this type of behavior can affect everyone, and a lengthy distraction is not required to cause an accident. Even a brief one could contribute to a collision. Older drivers should be aware of the dangers, but teenagers might not be.

Distracted driving involves someone’s concentration drifting away from the safe operation of a vehicle. Everything from daydreaming to rubbernecking to becoming engrossed in a podcast could rob a driver of their concentration. That said, cognitive diversions are not the only form of distracted driving. Manual and visual distractions could lead to crashes, too.

Teenagers could become more prone to suffering from distractions because of their inexperience. Teenagers lack both driving and life experience, which can lead them to make the wrong choices behind the wheel. For example, many teenagers engage with smartphones or text while driving, two dangerous behaviors.

Not caring about safety while texting or emailing in the driver’s seat might not be the only reckless behavior a teenager embraces. These young drivers could commit moving violations, drive under the influence, refuse to wear a seatbelt and engage in other dangerous actions. Such things could lead to legal consequences.

Teens and distracted driving accidents

If distracted driving causes an accident, the driver may face legal woes. When someone dies in a crash caused by negligence, the driver may face both criminal charges and a civil lawsuit. Auto liability insurance might cover losses inflicted on the victim, but the lawsuit could sue for an amount above the policy limits. The victim might sue third parties, such as those who provided alcohol to an underage drunk driver.

Distracted driving is responsible for numerous automobile accidents per year. Teenagers who do not accept the risks associated with it may cause collisions.