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Speeding causes car crashes

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Accelerating a car could get you to your destination quicker, but drivers must pay attention to posted speed limits. They also benefit from adjusting their speed and behavior when the weather takes a bad turn. Otherwise, the driver could become another statistic on a list of Georgia speeding accidents. Such collisions might be catastrophic considering the impact a vehicle traveling at an unsafe speed might inflict.

Speeding increases dangers

Anyone who thinks people embrace safer driving practices may wish to examine 2020 accident statistics. Unfortunately, many drivers speed, and it kills a large number of people per year. Roughly 30 people lost their lives each day in 2020 due to speeding. That number reflects 11,258 deaths – 29% of all traffic fatalities.

Picking up speed when driving isn’t difficult. Pressing down on the gas pedal does the job, and impatient drivers may speed routinely. Many get away with speeding or only suffer the occasional traffic citation. Ultimately, drivers who speed or commit other moving violations may one day cause a crash. Reaction and perception times could slow enough that avoiding an accident becomes impossible. Afterward, the speeding driver might face legal consequences.

Someone whose reckless driving causes a victim’s death might face vehicular manslaughter charges as well as a civil claim.

Civil litigation and speeding-related accidents

Speeding may fall under the umbrella description of reckless driving, and any accident caused by driving at unsafe speeds could result in a negligence claim. Speeding drivers might commit multiple moving violations, such as performing unsafe lane changes, before causing car accidents.

Since most drivers carry auto liability insurance, civil actions could involve seeking an insurance settlement. However, some actions might require filing an uninsured motorist claim.