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Are hands-free devices still considered a distraction?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | Distracted Driving |

Distracted driving is the term used to describe any activity drivers engage in that decreases their focus while driving. This could include eating, applying makeup, listening to loud music, or taking their eyes off the road to complete tasks such as applying makeup or using the phone to call or text. Staying safe while driving requires concentration and attentiveness. A driver could be distracted for a few seconds and cause a devastating collision. Driving laws vary slightly by state, so Georgia drivers need to know how and when to use hands-free devices to avoid state-specific penalties.

Hands-free devices

There are several devices on the market that allow drivers to respond to emails and texts without having to use their hands. Most of these devices are designed to reduce distracted driving and use voice-to-text technology, so drivers can speak their responses, and the device will convert the words into a written message.

Apple and Android options

Both Apple and Android have hands-free devices that can make driving safer. Apple’s CarPlay allows drivers to receive and send texts and make calls without holding the phone. Apple users can access more of the features of CarPlay by using Apple’s digital assistant, Siri. However, the technology doesn’t allow the driver to respond to emails or read email messages out loud.

Android users can use Android Auto by activating Google Assistant. Drivers can send messages, see their contacts, listen to music, and access maps hands-free. Android Auto also makes it possible to listen and respond to texts.

Driving can be complicated, and drivers should be as attentive as possible to lower their chances of getting into accidents. It is best to not email or text while you’re operating a vehicle, and you should also avoid other distractions to make the roads safer for everyone.