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Truck accident fatality figures increase

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Statistics compiled by federal agencies often paint an accurate picture of certain subjects. Those wondering about the dangers large trucks pose to other drivers and pedestrians may look at figures reported by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The data suggests the dangers posed by trucks might be increasing.

Looking at truck fatalities in past years

The FMCSA’s report chronicling accident statistics from 2019 to 2021 shows an alarming increase in truck-related fatalities. In 2019, 5,082 died in truck accidents. 2021 saw an increase to 5,197 deaths. 2020 suffered 4,701 truck fatalities, despite many factors decreasing the number of vehicles on the road that year.

The number of injuries people suffered in truck collisions reached 78,541 in 2021. The figure represents an increase from 2020 but a decrease from 2019. Regardless, the number stands frighteningly high.

A truck driver who operates a vehicle under the influence or speeds may make a fatal accident unavoidable. The size and weight of a large truck could inflict severe harm on drivers and pedestrians during a crash. However, some drivers operate their trucks recklessly.

Other dangers with trucks

The reasons for truck accidents can vary. Sometimes, the vehicles suffer from poor maintenance. Bad brakes and worn tires could lead to catastrophes on the road. Drivers and their employers might face liability claims if a poorly maintained truck caused a crash. The same might be true when improper loading leads to a collision.

Noncompliance with state or federal regulations might create liabilities. For example, drivers who don’t take mandatory breaks might cause a fatigue-related accident.

Truck drivers and their employers might benefit from taking steps to reduce potential accidents. Negligent behavior may lead to civil litigation after an incident.