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How to stay safe on the road in summer

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2022 | Car Accidents |

When it comes to driving and safety, summer brings its own set of hazards particular to the season. Regular precautions, such as following at a safe distance, still apply, but there are other things Georgia drivers can do to reduce the likelihood of accidents at this time of year.

More drivers

The summer weather means more people heading off on vacation. This in turns means more drivers, many of whom may be distracted with family and friends in the vehicle with them. Drivers should focus when in their own vehicles and should pay attention to other vehicles in the road that appear to be driven by people who are distracted, keeping their distance when possible. People may be more likely to be on the road drinking and driving on holidays, so it is smart to stay off the roads on those days or minimize driving if possible.

Heat dangers

The heat can present challenges for vehicles themselves as well. Tire blowouts are more common on hot roads, and the heat can cause the engine to overheat and brakes to underperform. In addition, people can suffer from heat-related conditions, and this can affect their ability to drive safely and make traffic accidents more likely. Sunglasses can help protect against glare, which may hamper visibility.

Weather dangers

Heat and sun are not the only weather-related challenges that summer brings. Tornadoes, sudden thunderstorms and flash floods can all come without much warning. Keeping an eye on both the weather forecast and noting conditions while out on the road are both neccessary.

With July and August named as the deadliest months for motor vehicle accidents by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, it is important for drivers to understand some of the unique dangers of summer driving. By understanding the role that the weather and the increased traffic on the roads play, they can prepare themselves to drive more safely.