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Methods of proving distracted driving in truckers

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2022 | Distracted Driving, Truck Accidents |

Distracted driving affects an average of 3,000 drivers in the U.S. every year. Truck accidents caused by driving while distracted often result in fatalities. In Georgia, distracted driving is a cause of many accidents.

DUI tests

The crime of driving under the influence is a common cause of distracted driving. Truck drivers are known to engage in drug and alcohol use on the job and during their off-hours. Any incident of distracted driving is proven by police officers using various standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs). The three types of SFSTs that are used when truck drivers are pulled over include the eye test, the one-leg stand test and the walk and turn test.

Police reports

Police officers who arrive at the scenes of accidents are required to file police reports. These reports detail the causes and circumstances of truck accidents. Evidence of distracted driving is present in the standardized field sobriety test that includes an opinion of the person who is responsible. This comprehensive report is often the most important piece of evidence that is used by prosecutors in court.

Witness statements

There are witnesses present at nearly every accident scene including vehicle passengers, pedestrians and other drivers. They might provide detailed accounts of how the driver was distracted and what he or she was doing to cause the accident.

Cell phone records

A driver’s cell phone records show proof that the calls or text messages were made immediately before or during the crash. These records are sufficient evidence to use against truck drivers without needing witness statements or video footage.

Preventing future accidents

Truck drivers face extreme physical and mental demands as they must drive for long hours with few breaks. Distracted driving that involves trucks are serious incidents that lead to thousands of fatalities and serious bodily injuries every year. Prosecutors are responsible for first proving that truck drivers engaged in distracted driving.