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New bill is set to loosen Georgia’s hands-free law

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2022 | Distracted Driving |

Distracted driving is a significant risk factor in Georgia and other U.S. roadways. Many lives are lost due to distracted driving; however, there is an argument to be made about using devices while at a standstill.

Georgia legislature is carving out a bill that will loosen hand-free driving regulations in the state. The law makes sense because Siri almost always has language barriers when you’re lost or unsure of your next turn.

When stopped at a traffic light, it makes sense to be able to reassess your next move before the light changes. Facing sun glare or wearing prescription glasses can make seeing directions on your device more challenging.

How Georgia’s new bill will affect distracted driving

Many people agree distracted driving laws are necessary and save lives. People holding their devices is a distraction that could affect an urgent need to act. If you must stop suddenly or veer away from an obstacle, you need both hands to perform the task.

Drivers receive tickets for talking on a mobile device while driving. They have to take off from work and go to court with an affidavit proving the device was hands-free. Courts are seeing inefficient use of time deciding these types of cases.

Distracted driving is dangerous

Arguably rolling through a stop sign when no traffic is in sight disobeys the law of coming to a complete stop. In states where right turns on red are allowed, drivers roll through stop signs in either direction.

Drivers complain that getting ticketed for these minor infractions is a waste of time for the citizens and the courts. Distracted driving is dangerous and having law enforcement enforcing menial distractions leaves more serious offenses vulnerable.

Obeying traffic safety laws is the best way to reduce motor vehicle fatalities. Using wisdom and good judgment when enforcing the laws is even better.