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Avoid doing these things after a crash

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2022 | Car Accidents |

While serious accidents in Georgia and around the country can result in serious injury, some victims may only suffer what appears to be minor injuries. These individuals may be able to contact 911 and provide aid to others. These walking wounded could, however, hurt a potential accident case if they do not remember the legal aspects of the incident. Here are a few things for those in Georgia to remember not to do when being involved in a crash.

Do not discuss the accident with other parties

Aside from helping someone in danger of dying without quick action, it is always best to not discuss the collision with other drivers even when they want to interact. The police will take care of that issue with the initial accident investigation. Tempers can flare in the wrong situation, and the best personal policy is to stay quiet until authorities arrive.

Do not admit guilt in any manner

Motor vehicle accidents in Georgia are evaluated based on modified comparative negligence at the 50% bar level. This means that two-car accidents in which both drivers are equally at fault will result in neither driver being allowed any financial compensation for damages. Admitting guilt in any form can end your damages claim immediately, especially when discussing the incident with police officers.

Do not embellish answers to law enforcement

The primary responsibility of police officers who question drivers following a Georgia car accident is determining what actually happened. While they are not the arbiters of fault, what they are told can have a dramatic impact on injury cases for drivers. Only answer succinctly when being questioned, and remember you still have the right to remain silent.

Additionally, always remember that an accident investigation is also a potential criminal investigation as well when police officers arrive. Not only could you be an involved victim, but you may be a suspect for a criminal citation as well.