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Top causes of distracted driving

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2022 | Distracted Driving |

Distracted driving causes many car accidents in Georgia. In fact, distracted driving is linked to about eight deaths every single day in the U.S. To combat this problem, most states have made it illegal to send and view text messages while behind the wheel.

Smartphone use while driving

Smartphone use is one of the main causes of distracted driving. Although texting while driving is illegal in most states, many motorists still engage in this dangerous behavior. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, texting while driving 55 mph is like closing your eyes while traveling the distance of a football field.

Texting and driving is extremely dangerous because it requires people to take their eyes off the road and at least one hand off the wheel. Smartphone use while driving can potentially combine visual, manual, auditory and cognitive distractions all at once.

Infotainment and navigation systems

Your car’s built-in navigation and infotainment systems can be seriously distracting. Fiddling with navigation, music and climate control on the touchscreen can sometimes be just as bad as using a smartphone. Drivers that use voice-controlled systems may be better about keeping their eyes on the road, but these cognitive and auditory interruptions can still cause distracted driving.

Other distractions

Screen use may be the worst type of driving distraction, but there are many other old-fashioned distracted driving behaviors that can cause accidents. Talking to passengers, eating, grooming and driving with pets are a few common distractions. Drivers can also become dangerously distracted by their own thoughts or by activities that are happening outside of the vehicle.