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What are common reasons for distracted driving?

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2021 | Distracted Driving |

Distracted driving causes many accidents on Georgia roads, some of them fatal. Everyone from commercial truck drivers to motorcycle riders could become momentarily distracted. All it takes is a brief distraction to cause a crash, yet many drivers engage in dangerous practices that take their attention off the road. Several forms of distracted driving affect many drivers.

Forms of distracted driving

Drivers who keep their hands on the wheel and use their eyes and ears to maintain appropriate attention could reduce their chances of an accident. However, many drivers feel compelled to rubberneck when they see a collision or a stalled vehicle. Rubbernecking leads to numerous distracted driving accidents.

Closely related to rubbernecking is looking for an address while a vehicle is in motion. Rear-end collisions or worse may happen when the driver looks sideways and not ahead.

While rubbernecking remains a problem, a detailed study performed by Omnitracs reveals that many distracted driving crashes happen due to someone talking on the phone. Texting also causes a significant number of distracted driving crashes along with grooming while driving.

Distracted driving reflects negligence

Distracted driving undermines the ability to operate a vehicle safely. Distracted drivers may stop paying attention to speed limits and drive faster than they should. Such actions reflect negligence, and negligent behavior could leave someone liable for injuries and property damage.

A rear-end collision could result in severe whiplash or even broken bones. If a driver was texting or eating before hitting another car, the driver might face a liability claim based on distracted driving. The claims could seek compensation for various costs related to the injuries and vehicle damage. An insurance claim settlement or a lawsuit judgment might provide paths to procure compensation.