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What are some reasons for distracted driving?

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2021 | Distracted Driving |

Distracted driving contributes to a great many motor vehicle accidents every year. Georgia motorists may lose their concentration for a moment, which is enough to lead to a collision. Several factors lead to distracted driving, and even safe drivers may find themselves allowing their concentration to drift.

Top reasons for distracted driving

One reason so many drivers fall victim to distractions is that the mind can become distracted in more than one way. A cognitive distraction means the mind is elsewhere, such as when someone daydreams about a meeting at work instead of concentrating on the road. Other potential distractions exist. Taking eyes or hands off the wheel represents two other types of distractions that are no less dangerous.

Typical behaviors, such as combing one’s hair or having a cup of coffee, may become dangerous when driving. The hands aren’t remaining on the steering wheel, and concentration drifts from the road.

Even having a conversation with a passenger could result in troubling distractions. Sometimes, the passenger might be talking loudly and breaks a driver’s concentration. Loud music on the sound system could do the same, and advanced sound units’ marketing often hypes bass and loudness as features.

Other causes of distracted driving

Infotainment systems continue to serve as selling points on new vehicles. Bolder infotainment systems present even more significant risks for distracted driving since larger screens and the ability to accommodate more features might divert attention from safe driving.

The informational component to an infotainment system might prove more distracting than the entertainment one at times. Listening to GPS instructions and following an on-screen map could cause extended distracted driving.

And yes, talking or texting on a smartphone continues to be a serious problem. A smartphone might distract not only someone’s cognition but also visual and auditory attention. Texting ties up the hands, creating other distracting behaviors. No matter the type of distraction, anything that distracts a driver presents a possible danger.