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Distractions that can cause auto accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2021 | Distracted Driving |

Distracted driving is an issue that has drawn significant attention from legislatures in Georgia and around the country that have enhanced communications device usage laws over the past decade. The popularity and almost necessary life requirement of having a cellphone has led many drivers to use them too frequently when in transit, ultimately resulting in serious and deadly accidents. However, there are still some traditional forms of distracted driving that can also cause accidents when drivers cannot keep their eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel while negotiating traffic. Here are a few of the most common distractions aside from technological devices.

Passenger distractions

While many people do not enjoy driving alone or often must take others with them, passengers can easily create distractions within a vehicle. Even maintaining a conversation can result in distracted driving accidents when drivers take their eyes of the road to talk with passengers. This can be even more problematic when communicating with those in the back seats, and especially when children are being unruly.

Adjusting controls

Many drivers have a need to adjust certain controls inside a vehicle such as a radio volume or climate control. This commonly will require drivers to look at the devices while adjusting. Additionally, even though it may not require adjustment, listening to an audio device too loudly can also result in distracted driving accidents as well. Other vehicles such as motorcycles with minimal exhaust can quickly appear and startle a driver when they cannot hear properly.

Many motorists also eat behind the wheel while in transit during rush hours, and especially during the morning when short on time. The fact that a driver will face a slowdown in traffic does not mean that eating is an acceptable practice, nor is drinking without cup holders that can be positioned for easy access whenever it is safe.