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How do car accident victims deal with insurance companies?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2021 | Car Accidents |

An auto accident could inflict severe injuries on those involved. Even individuals who walk away with minor injuries might find their vehicle totaled. Seeking an insurance settlement, be it through a liability claim or an uninsured motorist claim, could may the losses. Unfortunately, the process doesn’t always work so smoothly, and a Georgia accident victim may end up dealing with a standoffish insurance company. Knowing how to deal with insurance companies could make things less challenging for accident claimants.

Working with insurance companies

While insurance companies have the legal obligation to honor a contract, they might not be entirely willing to make payments. Insurance settlements eat into company profits, and some providers might be more aggressive with attempts to deny claims.

When a victim files a negligence claim against the at-fault party, the insurance company may state that the client was not at fault. In other words, the client was not liable, meaning the insurance company won’t make a liability settlement. Lawsuits against the insurance company might follow.

An insurance company may also state that the contract is not valid because the client breached the contract. Such a claim might be questionable and could also lead to litigation.

“Bad faith” lawsuits against insurance providers don’t always happen after car accidents occur. However, the insurance company could still seek to represent its interests over the claimant or the customer.

Negotiating with an insurance company

Negotiating with an insurance company could prove challenging for someone with no experience. Accident victims and insurance policyholders may not know what steps to take when filing a claim, and some victims might make statements that inadvertently hurt their cause.

Others might not know what to do when faced with a low settlement offer. Negotiating involves providing evidence to support the claim, such as medical expenses and statements of lost wages. The inability to provide counterclaims to the insurance company’s low-ball offer could result in a financially undesirable outcome.

An accident victim may want an advocate who is in an experienced position to directly negotiate with the insurance company’s representatives. An attorney may handle negotiations on a client’s behalf in an attempt to secure full compensation for their losses.