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Do truck drivers go too fast for road conditions?

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

Truck drivers could find themselves running behind schedule, a problem that might greatly upset those expecting a delivery. Rushing to arrive at a Georgia destination comes with many risks. Driving over the speed limit increases the chances of an accident. Driving too fast for road conditions may make things even worse.

Speed limits and road conditions

If rain starts to come down hard, roads may become slick and visibility poor. Speeding in such conditions might lead to an otherwise avoidable accident. And big rig accidents could be far more disastrous than one involving a car or SUV.

Tractor-trailers require a rather significant distance to come to a stop. When traveling at 65 mph, the stopping distance may increase to more than 500 feet. When bad weather rolls in, stopping a tractor-trailer could become even more challenging. Ice, rain, and fog aren’t the only things that contribute to poor road conditions. Human behavior might do so as well.

Traffic and road conditions

Rush hour traffic leads to vehicles backing up on the road. Sometimes, traffic only slows and doesn’t jam. Truck drivers could attempt to change lanes and drive faster even though the congested traffic makes such moves dangerous.

Traffic may slow because other drivers gawk at an accident. Rubbernecking might be frustrating, but it is not an excuse for truck drivers to commit moving violations. Accidents involving a negligent driver might cause significant harm and result in lawsuits.

Speeding through work zones is unsafe, but there may not be any traffic jams or even many vehicles to create obstructions. Truck drivers who ignore signs mandating decreased speeds open themselves to liabilities. They might also inflict a terrible tragedy on other road users.