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What is the Hands-Free Law?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2021 | Distracted Driving |

Many states have passed laws to minimize the distractions drivers have from mobile phones. Georgia has its own law, which the Office of Highway Safety explains is the Hands-Free Law.

The law became effective on July 1, 2018. It outlines specific rules for mobile phone use while driving. In the event you have a conviction for breaking the hands-free law, you could face one point on your license and a $50 fee for your first time. The points and fee increase for subsequent offenses. The law also allows you to show the court you have a hands-free device to get it to drop first-time charges.

Not allowed

This law prohibits you from touching your phone while using it for a phone call when you are behind the wheel. You cannot use the phone to record a video or watch a video. You also cannot play music videos. If you use a streaming app, you cannot touch your phone at any time while driving to operate the app.

You cannot send or read text messages of any kind. The law also prohibits you from using social media or other internet services while driving.


There are some exceptions as long as you abide by the general rules of not touching your phone while driving. You can use a GPS service and you can text if you use voice to text. You can also listen to music streaming from your phone as long as you can activate it by voice or set it up prior to driving on the road.

The Hands-Free Law seeks to prevent the use of mobile devices that distract you when driving. By adhering to the law, you can help to prevent distracted driving accidents.