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What are signs of road rage in truck drivers?

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

As a driver or a passenger in a car, you may worry about other large and oversized vehicles you share the road with.

Road rage in particular can cause accidents and crashes. By being able to notice the signs of this phenomenon in truck drivers, you can try to stay safe while on highways and other roads.

Excessive tailgating

According to Psychology Today, many truck drivers feel pressure to make their deliveries on time and end up tailgating other drivers. People in smaller vehicles often feel intimidated by this rude and invasive way of driving. Usually, the goal of this way of driving is to frighten other cars on the road in order to make them speed up or potentially break the law.

Yelling and rude gestures

Swearing, yelling and flipping off other drivers are some of the most common signs of road rage. Truck drivers may lean out their windows or try to maintain eye contact in order to show their aggression. Although it may seem tempting when you are the target of these gestures, do not try to aggravate the truck driver in return, since escalating the situation only increases the chances of an accident.

Approaching other drivers

Some especially angry truck drivers may even attempt to engage further in a disagreement by exiting the vehicle and approaching you. This kind of physical intimidation often occurs after other smaller incidents have already happened, but not always.

In extreme cases, a truck driver may even attempt to run you off the road or ram his or her car into yours. Some may even carry weapons to harm you. Road rage is a serious problem for anyone on the road, but especially those in smaller vehicles.