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What do you know about proving fault in a car accident?

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2020 | Car Accidents |

You were in a recent car accident while driving Georgia’s roads, and you want to recover physically and financially. Do you know how to prove you were not at fault for the collision?

News 9 provides tips for establishing responsibility in a motor vehicle accident. Understand what you should tell your insurance provider and whether to pursue the other driver for compensation.

Do not admit fault

Hopefully, you did not verbally apologize in the accident’s immediate aftermath. While an understandable reaction, verbalizing your liability for the incident may give the other driver reason to pursue you for damages. Also, there could be unknown factors that led to the crash, factors out of your control. Let your insurance agent and the police determine what happened.

Take pictures

If you did not take pictures at the scene of the accident, you can take some now of the damage your vehicle sustained. You should also take images of your injuries. If you can, go back to the accident scene to snap images of traffic conditions at the time of the accident, road conditions and common weather at the time of your accident.

While at the scene, check for cameras installed at traffic lights or nearby businesses. If the camera footage recorded your accident, you may use it as evidence to build your case.

Look into traffic laws

Do some basic research on traffic laws in your area. If the other driver broke the posted speed limit, followed you too closely or made an illegal turn, uncovering evidence of the infraction could help establish fault.