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Pedestrian accidents caused by garbage truck drivers

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Walking is a great way to get exercise and save money, and for some people, it is simply more convenient than driving. At Sam Dennis Law in Georgia, we know that walking near traffic also brings the risk of an accident, which is very dangerous with large vehicles (such as a semi, a delivery truck or a garbage truck). In this post, we will look at some of the concerns regarding garbage truck accidents. Tragically, these accidents have claimed lives and have left many victims with serious injuries.

Garbage truck drivers may hit a pedestrian while performing their job duties for an array of reasons. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, many garbage truck accidents have resulted in the loss of life and serious injuries. Drivers who do not have very much experience operating such a large vehicle sometimes cause crashes, and this is also true for those who take on new routes that they are not very familiar with. In some cases, garbage truck drivers are very tired after working for many hours, causing them to ignore other vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians. Moreover, garbage truck drivers who are in a hurry to finish their route for the day sometimes drive too fast or fail to watch out for others on the road.

Garbage truck accidents are especially worrisome because these vehicles make frequent stops and drive off of the road to pick up garbage, which is very problematic in areas where there is heavy pedestrian traffic. Sometimes, garbage truck drivers do not even see a pedestrian. Visit our accidents page to read more about the consequences of pedestrian accidents.