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3 reasons construction zones are dangerous

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Road construction is a way of life for commuters throughout Georgia. In fact, according to the state’s transportation department, there are dozens of work zones at any given time. Unfortunately, though, construction zones can be dangerous for drivers.

Few things can ruin your day faster than a car accident, especially if a collision leaves you with a life-altering injury. By understanding the dangers construction zones typically present, you can better plan for staying safe wherever you drive. Here are three reasons work zones are often hazardous for motorists:

  1. Different traffic patterns 

If you regularly drive the same stretches of roadway, you likely can anticipate stoplights, turns, speed bumps and traffic patterns. Construction workers may change the flow of traffic overnight. Therefore, you should plan to contend with the unexpected. Increasing the space between you and the vehicle in front of you is a good way both to see and to react to changed traffic patterns.

  1. Decreased speed 

Like most other states, Georgia has stiff penalties for speeding in work zones for a good reason: high speeds endanger the lives of construction workers. As such, you must realize that speed limits may drop both quickly and considerably. If your commute takes you through a construction zone, give yourself a few extra minutes to reach your destination.

  1. More pedestrians 

You may not see workers, but there is at least an even chance that they are present in a construction area. For that reason, you must assume that you will eventually encounter a worker and plan accordingly. Until you see a sign informing you that you have left the construction zone, follow posted speed limits and flagger signals. Furthermore, be ready to stop if a worker enters the roadway.

You do not have to leave your personal safety to chance. By increasing your vigilance and decreasing your speed, you likely boost your odds of arriving at your destination without incident.