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Protecting motorcycle riders on and off the road

On Behalf of | May 10, 2019 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

This blog recently discussed the types of damages that may be available to victims of car accidents. These damages may also be available to motorcycle accident victims and their families to help them with the damages they suffered as a result of a motorcycle accident.

During May, which is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, drivers should consider how they can do their part to keep motorcycle riders safe on the roadways. Drivers can begin by paying extra close attention for motorcycle riders on the weekend when more of them are out and about on the roadways and especially as the weather is improving. It is also important to give motorcycle riders the space they need in their lane, to maneuver and to safely handle their motorcycle especially on uneven roadway surfaces.

Drivers should also remember to check blind spots before making a lane change and to be attentive and watch for motorcyclists before making a turn. Many times drivers fail to spot motorcyclists because they are smaller visual targets and inattentive drivers may miss them. As is always that case, to avoid both car accidents and motorcycle accidents and keep motorcyclists and others safe on the roadways, drivers should not drive while distracted or impaired.

When a driver has driven negligently, and harmed a motorcycle accident victim, it is important for motorcycle accident victims to be familiar with every legal protection available to them which can include help with their physical, financial and emotional damages. These damages can be recoverable through a personal injury claim for damages which can help with medical expenses, lost wages and the emotional needs of victims.