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Factors that influence the amount of crashes on the holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2018 | Firm News |

December is one of the most chaotic months on the roads. Several states experience cooler weather, darker days and some of the most traffic-heavy highways they have seen throughout the whole year. With all of these elements, it is easy to see why the end of the year contains such a high amount of fatalities and injuries on the roads.

However, there are several other variables that come into play for holiday drivers. While there are still bound to be hundreds of crashes on the roads in Georgia around Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, whether or not it will top the previous years will depend on a number of factors. It is important to be aware of these circumstances so families can take the proper precautions before preparing their trips this year.

How many are on the road

One of the main reasons holiday fatalities have become exponentially higher in the recent years is because there are more people preferring to take their cars to see their relatives. It can be a combination of newer, inexperienced drivers as well as family members who do not want to spend hundreds on the increasing prices of airline tickets. Some drivers may be safer than they were the year before, but all it takes is one negligent motorist to put dozens of people in trouble. During Thanksgiving this year, Georgia saw an increase in highway deaths, which means residents will have to be extra careful of any newcomer to the road or state.

Unpredictable weather

Since Georgia is in the South, many residents feel they do not have to worry about potential snowstorms for this year. According to The Weather Channel, most Georgians experience their first snowfall around late January to early February. However, there have still been many instances in the past where the Peach State still got snow around Christmas. It can catch many residents off guard and can be difficult for them to adapt to on the road. Residents should keep a close eye on the forecast to determine if they face any potential obstacles on their way home this year.

The date

In 2017, the state nearly doubled its holiday death count. The Department of Public Safety Officials believe it was due to Christmas falling on a Monday that year. They claim that being on a Monday gave the 2017 travel period 24 more hours in addition to the weekend leading up to it. Even though Christmas is on a Tuesday this year, it can still have a similar amount of danger. Numerous companies do allow their employees to take Christmas Eve off, so motorists should be cautious towards the weekend and Monday prior to their celebratory traditions.

Drivers visiting or staying in Georgia for the holidays deserve to spend their time with loved ones rather than doctors. If a reckless driver ruined your day off, a personal injury attorney can help you seek justice and compensation for the incident.