You have a family doctor. Why not a family lawyer?

It’s not a question of if you need a lawyer, but when. Every family needs a trusted advocate, someone on their side who can manage their legal affairs.

Most of the time when you need a lawyer, it’s during urgent, stressful circumstances. Having someone you can trust—already lined up and ready to take your call—is like having “legal insurance” when the need arises. Having Sam as your lawyer in the good times is free.

Sam Dennis can handle your legal issues, while you focus on your personal affairs. Choose sam as your lawyer in the good times, so when a bad time comes, you’re immediately battle ready.

The Starting Point for Your Legal Affairs

Sam wants to be your family’s lawyer to help in times of need. Whether it’s a will, a property dispute, or a divorce, Sam can help—or refer you to another great lawyer for your case. Many of Sam’s clients have him on “speed dial” in their cellphones.

One client put it well: “Sam is always my first call. He’s the starting point for any legal issue—whether someone bounces a check, if I get a ticket, or someone injures my family. Sam’s my lawyer and I’m lucky to have him.”

Get Expert Answers

Why do you need a family lawyer? Frequently asked questions.

Why do I need a lawyer if I don't have any legal problems?

Having a relationship with a lawyer during good times makes it far easier when legal difficulties arises. It’s like having insurance, or carrying a spare tire in your car. It’s prudent to be ready in the event you need a lawyer. I’m battle ready so you don’t have to be.

What kind of lawyer are you?

I’m a lawyer that represents people. That is my calling. I represent people against governments and insurance companies. Life can be messy, and I help people who find themselves in unexpected circumstances. My primary focus is on personal injury, car wrecks, criminal cases, and DUI. However, there is no limit to the kinds of cases I will consider taking on, though if I don’t feel like I’m the right lawyer for your case, I will tell you that and suggest others.

What if my legal problem is something you don't normally handle?

One of the most important things I do is to make sure you have the right lawyer for your case. If it’s not something I handle, I am happy to recommend another lawyer. Finding a lawyer is a very difficult task, especially if your family is preoccupied with other matters. I see my role as a sort of legal matchmaker. Almost daily, I help people find the right lawyer for their issue.

Sam Dennis Law. Battle Ready.