When you’re injured, you deserve just compensation.

For 20 years, Sam Dennis has sued insurance companies on behalf of injured victims, securing millions of dollars that insurance companies didn’t want to pay.

Insurance companies do not care about you. They care about money. They deny and reduce legitimate claims to beef up their bottom line. Sam Dennis knows their games and can force them to stop stalling and pay a fair claim.

Sam Dennis doesn’t just accept what the insurance companies offer. He’s not going to settle your case for a cheap payout. Instead, he thoroughly investigates your case, the facts, the circumstances, and your individual situation. Then he fights the insurance company for a fair result.

Our Approach

The reason Sam Dennis wins road wreck cases is because of exhaustive case preparation and superior courtroom skills.

When Sam prepares your case for trial, the insurance companies can’t take your case lightly. He forces a fair evaluation of your case, based on the facts. He focuses on every question a jury might have, and proves your case according to law.

In the courtroom, Sam has earned a reputation as a fierce advocate. His personal demeanor and sharp wit, combined with a masterful understanding of law, make him one of the most sought-after personal injury lawyers in the state.

Sam’s Success Is No Accident.

Sam Dennis has become known as the premier personal injury lawyer in South Georgia, and for good reason. Even before becoming a lawyer, he investigated road wrecks for law firms, gathering facts and evidence to prove the fault of unsafe drivers and help injured people. In law school, he clerked for lawyers who focused on road wreck cases. As a lawyer, he’s won case after case because of his comprehensive command of the entire system. He truly understands every detail, from the point of impact to collecting a fair settlement from a reluctant insurance company.

Get Expert Answers

Have you been injured? Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What should I do after a car wreck?

First, take care of yourself. Seek medical attention. Second, contact me as soon as possible so I can advise you. Be sure to seek legal advice before talking with insurance adjusters, because they are trying to avoid covering your loss.  I can help with scene investigation, legally notifying insurance companies, gathering records from law enforcement, and obtaining courtroom-quality documents from all involved.

How can Sam help?

First, I will listen to you for as long as it takes to understand your circumstance. Second, I will ask questions and perform a preliminary evaluation of your case at no charge. Third, we will do whatever it takes legally and ethically to win your case. We will work hard together to get your case battle-ready.

But I just want my medical bills covered.

This is a very common sentiment. However, it is critical to remember that insurance companies never “just pay medical bills.” Insurance companies are in the business of minimizing your injury and paying as little as possible. Medical bills are often the least of your damages. What is more important is your health and well being in the long run—which is often far more serious than insurance companies want to admit. Sam Dennis will force them to recognize the long-term consequences of your injuries and compensate you accordingly.

What does my case cost? Can I afford a lawyer of Sam’s caliber?

Yes, you can. My attorney fees are contingent upon winning your case. If we don’t win, you don’t pay. I can afford to do this because I only accept and prosecute the best of claims.

Sam Dennis Law. Battle Ready.