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We Care About Your Case. Call Our Firm Today at 229-244-4428 for a free consultation.

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Month: October 2019

Distractions Facing Georgia Drivers

Today’s drivers in Georgia and throughout the U.S. face innumerable distractions while behind the wheel. From fiddling with the radio to talking to other people in their vehicles and using their cell phones, these types of behaviors put drivers themselves at risk, as...

The danger of drowsy truckers in Georgia

Despite rest regulations aimed at keeping fatigued truckers off the roads, drowsy driving accidents involving large trucks are all too common on the roads throughout Georgia and elsewhere. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, truck driver...

Living with a spinal cord injury in Georgia

When people in Georgia are involved in car accidents, their lives can change in the blink of an eye. Those who suffer serious injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, must not only deal with the short- and long-term effects of their injuries. They must also live with...

Riding a moped to work and the risk of a crash

Many people drive a passenger vehicle or truck to work, but others choose to walk or ride a bike or moped. This can be a convenient, environmentally friendly and affordable way to get to work, but it is not without risks. Unfortunately, some people have been involved...

Can I listen to music while driving?

Georgia made some strides against distracted driving by passing into law last year the Hands-Free Law. This new law restricts drivers from using their phone in their automobile, including holding the phone to your ear to carry on a conversation. In fact, a person...